We are Italy's first vegan amateur sports association! Founded in 2018, Vegan Power Team is a registered team with the Italian Athletics Federation and the Italian Cycling Federation. If you join our team as one of our vegan athletes, then you will automatically be entitled to participate in all national and international competitions! What are you waiting for?

We are all vegans because we are committed to building a world without any violence towards animals, and as athletes we are keen to prove that plant-based protein provides all of the energy and nutrients that we need to compete and win races! We are committed to bringing compassion and ethical values into the realm of competitive sports.

We are a sports association, and therefore our athletes compete in cycling and running races and events in Italy and abroad but we also support animal sanctuaries and animal rights organisations. If you want to run for animals, then join us! If you are a foreign runner/cyclist living in Italy and interested in joining our team, please email us!

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